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Queen Denies Britain Safe Cheap Power   

When Her Majesty privatised nuclear power she  passed a Law making you the taxpayer responsible for paying the never ending bill for storing nuclear waste. This particular stroke of the royal pen increases your electricity bill every year as the nuclear waste piles-up.

The main profiteer from producing nuclear waste is the Queen.
Her Majesty inherited vast tracts of land in Australia, Africa, Scandinavia and Canada under which uranium was later found.
Having extracted Plutonium 239 and Uranium 238, to make nuclear bombs and missiles, the leftover, fatal, nuclear waste has to be disposed of.

Her Majesty's Sellafield nuclear complex is spilling over with eternally fatal nuclear waste that no-one wants, needs or knows what to do with. Her Majesty has decided to drill up to 40,000 Fracking Wells all over Her Realm. The purpose of these wells has little to do with gas extraction. These three mile deep mine-shafts and three mile long extraction tunnels will serve as Her Majesty's nuclear waste dumps.

Every country runs on its energy. The cheaper that energy the better for all concerned.
Thousands of none government scientists and engineers will confirm the British Isles can easily supply all our electricity needs by off-shore wind, wave power and solar systems.

A decent Head of State would pass a law that states every new building must be self sufficient, using solar power roofs and windows. This would halve every domestic and commercial electricity bill in Britain.
Once these safe power systems are up and running. Safe Power systems, after returning the initial building cost, become virtually cost free unlike Nuclear Power which produce fatal waste that the Queen has passed laws that your descendants will pay for till the end of time.

Free power from the wind, sea and sun could be free to the NHS and all our essential services. The NHS, Schools, Universities, Public Transport and many other essential services could easily pay for the maintenance of their new energy infrastructure.
Unfortunately we do not have a decent Head of State we have a born psychopath dictating the price of your oil, gas and electricity supplies. The same psychopath has never paid a for a meal from the day she was born. All the royals bills food, rent, medical, clothes, travel and hunting and shooting bills are paid by you the taxpayer. The same taxpayers are now becoming aware the Queen has sold Fracking Licenses to cowboy outfits who will drill 40,000 three mile deep tunnels and three miles long tunnels under your back garden- to dump her nuclear waste down.  

1986. Months after the Chernobyl accident British environmental groups submitted plans to replace all the power produced by Britain’s nuclear reactors with solar panels.
Simply by passing a law to install solar panels on all new buildings would increase house prices by 2 to 3%. Which would be recovered a hundred-fold by savings on power bills.
Her Majesty's "government" rejected the plan. Giving Britain cheap electricity has never entered the Queen's business plan.

Flogging-off everything Britain really needs. Railways, buses, water, gas, the National Grid, power stations etc etc., to the Queen's foreign bankers, tells you all you really need to know about the Queen. Public Services Are Not Required In A Nuclear Desert.

2004.  Germany
In their Renewable Energies Act, 2004, the German Parliament did what Her Majesty's
Parliament are barred from doing. They changed the market rules making it profitable for developers to include energy generation in every building they put up. The clean energy policy created 300,000 jobs and two growing markets, for German manufacturing and clean-power-skill-training. Over 80% of new buildings in central Berlin now generate their own power. Germany now has a healthy 80% of the European market for installed solar-photovoltaic energy systems.

2004. The Queen's England: Total Corruption
Ministers of the Crown were ordered to privatize the British energy market (flog-off Her Majesty's Government responsibility to Globalist banker thugs) and ordered NOT to regulate City spivs. Leaving the future of British energy supplies to the Queen's city-spivs.

These are the same spivs who asset stripped British manufacturing and threw it down the toilet to make even more obscene profit for the Queen's Establishment. Check her record and you'll find out how the Queen refuse's to develop cheap, safe power. She orders her cabinet ministers to promote the insane idea that we need to build more Chernobyl's. For no other reason than she owns the uranium mines that supply her nuclear program to make nuclear weapons.

2006. Her Majesty's Government Performance and Innovation Unit reported just eighteen offshore wind farms could provide ten times more electricity than Britain actually needs.

The oil and nuclear-vested Head of State ignored the report.

If Britain used its natural wind resources to the full we could easily halve every British electricity bill. All we need is a half decent Head of State.

The NIMBY Ploy

While the Queen's chief arms & dirty ammo salesman, Mr Blair,  was telling the blatant lie that Iraq could nuke London on 45 minutes notice, he was also rattling the NIMBY cage by threatening to build Wind Farms in areas of natural beauty. Queen Lizzy had instructed her passing prime mouthpiece to use this despicable ploy to con the gullible into accepting something a million-times more dangerous than anything Saddam Hussein ever had. Lizzy is hell-bent on building ten more Nuclear Targets Of Mass Destruction in our backyard.
A half-decent Head Of State would have built Off-shore Wind Farms years ago, as the Danes did. The thought of doing the right thing never occurred to Nuclear Lizzy.

Safe Energy

The same year the Danish government made it compulsory for power companies to build clean, safe power systems, 1995, Her Majesty's Corrupt Government opened a totally needless nuclear waste station - Sizewell B.

2002-2006. The International Energy Agency (IEA) reports., The raw electricity price paid by Danish industry was the lowest in the EU. The Danes actually pay more for their power than we do. This is because their government slap a heavy power tax on electricity bill. The tax go's to public services but some still grumble. Most Danes are far happier living with a power tax rather than potential Chernobyl's like Sizewell B on their doorstep.  
www.iea.org/     www.windpower.org/    Friends of the Earth     & Greenpeace

Study the offshore site map at The Crown Estates Offshore Wind Farms  For thirty years these sites were been denied development on the direct orders of the Queen. Had Her Majesty's
Government built offshore wind farms thirty years ago, as advocated by every environmental movement in Britain, Sizewell B would not have been built and Britain's electricity would now be half the price it is.

Safe cheap power is not what the Head Of State wants. The royal family will deny they profit from nuclear outfits like EDF, Areva, BNG /Westinghouse, Bechtel and Halliburton. But if that were true, the Queen would have closed down British reactors after Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales. Wouldn't She? And why else would the Queen order a war on Iraq? Other than the royals investments in oil, uranium mines and DU (Dirty) Ammo? 
While other countries developed far cheaper power systems the Queen got busy signing over control of Britons power stations and National Grid (the taxpayers had paid for) to her foreign privatizing pals. This was done to maintain her personal profits from oil and nuclear power stations. Or to be precise her massive investments in uranium mines, nuclear weapons production and oil wells. Now that Halliburton are running Her Majesty's
nuclear establishments isn't it time we had a referendum on the thieving monarchy?

Safe Energy  - Sea Power

                           CHEAP POWER: Waiting For An Honest Head OF State.

When the sun is down and the wind don't blow the moving weight of the tides around our coast can produce ten times more electricity than we can possibly use. Seabed Power Systems like the Snail, recently developed by Edinburgh University would drastically reduce Queen Lizzy's profits from oil & nuclear pollution.

For no other reason than making a handful of billionaire thugs richer. Wind, Solar and Sea Power Systems have been criminally suppressed for the last thirty years.

November 2002. Her Majesty's Crown owned, British Nuclear Fuels (BNFL) opened an office in Moscow. Charlie Pryor, who headed a BNFL delegation at the opening, stated. ‘Strategically a flourishing Russian nuclear industry will help to achieve the long term vision of nuclear power.’ ( Pryor is obviously working for a totally poisoned planet with no such thing as a normal birth! )  The Russian parliament is to press ahead with an agreement with the UK that will provide funds for restoration of sites of the former Soviet-era military nuclear activities (!!!)  BNFL has signed a contract with the European Commission* to assist with modifications at the Leningrad nuclear power plant in western Russia.  above paragraph [sans my italics] from British Nuclear Ghouls  www.bnfl.co.uk    
* that’s our EU money!!! 

                                Safe Energy  - Sun power              


Solar Power. Rejected; suppressed and rubbished by Her Majesty's Prime Mouthpiece's, Heath, Thatcher, Major, Blair, Cameron and May.
In 2003 Toady Blair wrote-off over £48 Billion (taxpayers money) to Queen Lizzy's nuclear waste outfits. He gave an insulting £M9 to sensible, safe, cheap energy development.
Architect Bill Dunster is exposing oil and nuclear polluters for the criminal lunatics they really are. London’s Peabody Trust and eco investors funded this eighty-two planet-friendly-houses-development (above) Average price £140,000. 
The Zed Factory. 020 8404 1380   

Black-outs caused by government neglect of the US power grid have led to more orders for sensible self contained solar housing blocks as above.
Solar panels have improved beyond measure since 1979 when Alice Springs, in the middle of Australia, boasted the first cost-free-solar-power-telephone-system. The panels above don’t actually need to see the sun. They operate on daylight. Remote towns in Northern Canada, where they have shorter daylight hours than we do, have used these panels to cut their annual power bills by 50%.   Solar Power update.     J    J J J  www.solarcentury.co.uk 

September 2003. Tokyo Electric were unable to restart 15 of their 17 nuclear reactors. A public outcry forced a shut down after nuclear workers told journalists how the company (the Japanese equivalent of British Energy) had falsified safety records. 
Solar Panel Power Companies had a field-day covering Tokyo roofs with sensible safe-power-systems. J    J J J



Safe Energy  -  Bio Energy 



Biomass systems are infinitely safer, cleaner and cheaper than any nuclear reactor. Britain’s nuclear workforce would be far happier producing and operating safe power system's like this one. Taking part in the moronic practice of producing needless nuclear waste is, to say the very least, depressing. Biomass\gas systems, like this one, can run on chicken shit i.e. the stuff between 'royal' ears.

Royal Logic. From the start of the ‘Atomic Age’ the main financial beneficiaries of Britain’s nuclear power industry has been the royal family. The royals have at least $6 TRILLION invested in uranium mines (The Enemy Within Dr. Jay GouldIf Prince Charles didn't have both hands in the nuclear till he would campaign against totally needless nuclear waste production. Only a born spineless hypocrite could bleat about McDonald's & GMO’s and stay silent on nuclear power in the certain knowledge that a nasty accident at one of mummy’s nuclear waste stations will end British food production. Period.  Mummy's Establishment (Britain's oldest landlords) have always known Sellafield can permanently poison every square inch of Britain. If that happens. Mummy has long-standing plans to lease-out Britain as an International Nuclear Waste Dump. The royals nuclear escape plan has been updated and rehearsed every year since the start of the Cold War. There never will be any plans to evacuate the public. Survivors of a British Nuclear 9/11, no matter how pig ignorant they are now, would soon see the "royals" for the piss-take they really are. And one would not want that!  Would one? One must make bloody sure the bloody peasants choke to death on fall-out.

Nuclear Power?

No Thanks Lizzy

                                                 Special Relationship

Fylingdales & Menwith Hill satellite spy stations run on top secret, US made, short-life software. Installed, maintained and operated by US personnel!

In the event of the yanks leaving our shores. Britain's Air Defence System will slowly cease to be. The software will die within weeks. No-one in the British Armed Services knows how to code it - let alone replace it.  

Despite the usual infantile denials in Her Majesties House of Lords. If a British Trident submarine fires a nuke without the American President's permission US satellites will disarm the warhead the moment it breaks the surface. As explained by Environment Minister Michael Meacher, Defence Debate H of C. Feb. 2 2007. Meacher was fired for telling the truth.

What BBC Fake reporters call Britain's "Independent Nuclear Deterrent " is no such thing. We don't even own the only (US made) nuclear missiles we have! We lease them the same way we lease the US made Early Warning Air Defence system.
Establishment investors, (criminal insiders) who profit from their stake in the nuclear arms companies involved, will say Britain has ultimate control of the US made Trident missile system. But no one who understands basic electronics, or indeed basic human nature, can possibly believe the American's would leave themselves wide-open to an attack from their own nuclear weapons. Any first year history student will tell you the only "Special Relationship" is the US Air Force plan to airlift the royal family to safety the moment the nuclear balloon go's up at one of Queen Lizzy's needless Targets Of Mass Destruction. Sellafield, Hartlepool. Heysham. Sizewell B. Torness. Hinkley Point. Hunterston. Dungeness ect ect..  In the event of a British Nuclear 9/11 the Queen's subjects are scheduled to snuff-it in a nuclear-fry-up without so much as a royal wave.
Also see Lizzy's Cosmetic Shelters


What Dad Never Knew.


above (enlarged ten billion times) two atoms of Uranium.
                 U235 has 92 Protons and
143 Neutrons.
                 U238 has 92 Protons and
146 Neutrons.
Imagine the Protons as red snooker balls and the
Neutrons as black snooker balls.

When a U235 atom re-acts the Protons and Neutrons fly apart at 8,000 miles-per-second!

Imagine a snooker ball moving at 8,000 miles-per-second smacking you in the chest. Warm. Innit. These re-actions make the fuel rods white hot - which boils tons of water into steam in seconds.
When a U235 atom re-acts (splits) it usually regroups into two smaller atoms, Strontium 90 and Xenon 143. If you add 90 and 143 you can see we have lost two parts of the 235 atom. These are two Neutrons (the black ones) One of which will smash into another 235 atom and split it - producing more heat, and two more flying Neutrons to carry on the (chain) re-action. 

Neutrons are made by fission, and they stimulate fission, creating the chain reaction.

Incredible as it may seem, a Neutron hitting the slightly larger atom U238 at 8,000 miles-per-second doesn't always spilt it. It sticks to it. When this happens we call this atom Plutonium 239. While these chain reactions are smacking into each-other Neutrons and Protons will stick together in hundreds of different combinations. Strontium 90, Xenon 143, Caesium 137, and Plutonium 239 are just four of thousands of fatally poisonous atoms made by Chernobyl type risks like Sizewell B. When these invisible nuclear atoms leak out into our environment they are called contamination, or Fall-out. People who promote nuclear power stations are called fucking Lunatics. Every other type of power station is cheaper, infinitely cleaner and a million times safer.

L         Plute. L

Just eight kilograms of Plutonium 239 was used in the Nagasaki bomb (That’s the same weight as eight everyday bags of sugar). The blast turned the entire city into black dust. The dust climbed-up into the morning sky in a monumental ten-mile-high mushroom-cloud. Only five kilograms of the plutonium atoms actually exploded (spilt).  Atoms that did not spilt became part of the fall-out. Most of which fell in the East China Sea.
  Six months after the bomb, the official body count was 74,000. Approximately 40,000 could not take part in the body-count. They had been vaporized in the heat of the blast. Or fried to soot in the white-hot-nuclear-firestorm, that raged for two days, under the mushroom cloud. The remains of Nagasaki burnt for a month ‘like a charcoal pit’ until water could be piped-in from the sea (Piped-in, ironically, by US Navy Engineers).   









old stuff



Plutonium is part of nuclear waste. We make Plutonium 239 by splitting uranium atoms in nuclear fuel rods, at nuclear power stations. When uranium atoms split, the flying particles collide and stick together, making different atoms. Plutonium 239 (239) is just one of many atoms made in this way. Used fuel rods are placed in acid baths to separate-out the 239 atoms for nuclear weapons. When an invisible atom of 239 splits, it releases enough heat and energy to fire a six-inch-bullet!  Ten million 239 atoms will fit on one grain of sugar. Imagine the firepower of ten-million six-inch-bullets exploding in a space the size of a grain of sugar. Now times that thought by ten trillion. That’s what happened to Nagasaki... 

 Plutonium 239IPlutonium 239 

Fall Out Zones

Nov. 1989.  Panorama (BBC) visited some of the contaminated area’s around Chernobyl. In a town called Narodici, reporter Jane Corbin spoke to a District Nurse. The nurse was obviously angry and upset when she told Corbin.  "All our children have enlarged thyroids. What are we supposed to do now? Wait for every second child to die of cancer?"

 February 1990.  BBC reporter Bill Turnbull reported from Narodici for the Nine O’clock News. He found 'a gathering of young mothers crying with despair. They were waiting for a Faith Healer. They had given up on the doctors.' Doctors had run out of drugs to treat their dying children. The nurse's words were coming horribly true. Narodici, 40 miles South of Chernobyl, has since become a Nuclear Ghost Town. The fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Countless farms in Western Russia, Northern Ukraine and Byelorussia, are now (2003) surrounded by concrete-posted razor-wire-fences and Fatal Radiation Keep Out signs.
April 1991. Horizon (BBC2) and This Week (ITN) visited the wrecked reactor. Both filmed the remains of the reactor hall, and confirmed 134 tons of the original 204 tons of fuel has now solidified, like lava from a volcano, in the ruins. The massive explosion that tossed the two-thousand-ton reactor lid up onto the rim; also, blasted the two-thousand-ton reactor base downwards; allowing tons of the melting fuel to leak into the foundations. This slight separation of the melting mass of fuel reduced the possibility of a nuclear explosion. Both programs made the point.
Chernobyl could have been much, much, worse. 

 Every year, for the last twenty years, tens of thousands of miscarriages and deformed births have blighted the lives of millions of Russians who are simply to poor to move from the “lesser” fall-out-zones of Chernobyl (thousands-of-square-miles “hot zones” are permanently fenced-off)  Fall-out will damage births in these areas for centuries to come. Ghouls who promote nuclear power downplay the effect of fall-out by referring to the half-life. Half-life means; the time one invisible atom stays active. Ghouls omit to say a tea-spoon-full of Plutonium 239 atoms will kill anyone daft enough to go anywhere near it for the next 240,000,000 years.  British Nuclear Ghouls (BNFL/BNG) are planning ten more Chernobyl’s in Britain. The Queen’s 2003 Energy White Paper paved the way for more insane reactors by giving an insulting pittance to safe power systems. Operating potential Chernobyl’s is no threat to the royals and their percentage politicians. After five decades of pouring over £200 bn of your money into their nuclear companies - they can well afford to leave Britain. In the event of a British nuclear accident, the royals will be enjoying a barbecue on one of their private islands - ten thousand miles away - before the BBC are allowed to tell the British public Britain has been permanently poisoned.                               

        ROYAL PROFITS ROLLING  IN                    

 February 27. 2003. Fresh from a visit to the Pope, but still bereft of any under-standing of Christ’s teachings, Lizzy's mouthpiece came to Parliament to prove war profits (not least from dirty-depleted-uranium-ammo) mean more to Lizzy than any consequence of waging war on Iraq. The royal family (indirectly of course) own all the companies making and supplying Her Majesty's
forces with dirty uranium ammo. Thousands of troops returned from the first Gulf War with cancer caused by ‘preventative medicines’ and exposure to Her Majesty's
dirty ammo. Her Majesty's
Defence Minister and shooting pal Nicholas Fatty Soames, denied there was any such thing as Gulf War Syndrome. 

April 2004. Over six-hundred British veterans of the first Gulf War have now died of Gulf War Syndrome. If church-going Toady Blair had an ounce of common decency, let alone any religious beliefs, he would close our needless nuclear reactors. However; reactor’s make nuclear waste; which makes nuclear bombs and dirty ammo. Lizzy’s first minister, like a Auschwitz guard, is only following orders...    Photo. London Evening Standard February 27. 2003.  

August 2004. Bush is taking his ninth holiday this year. Blair is drinking cocktails on a Caribbean beach with "Sir" Clare Richard. Queen Lizzy is shooting dumb animals in Scotland. Basra and Baghdad are burning like bonfires. 'Our Boys' are  dying in a needless war that quadrupled bin Laden's suicidal recruits who want to die killing British and American citizens. Thus far; Invading Iraq has doubled Dubya's and Lizzy's profits from arms and ammo...


Najaf, Iraq.  May 20 2005.  Thousands of Shiites protest the U.S presence in Iraq. Sunnis shut down places of worship to curb sectarian killings.
500 Iraqi’s have died in car bombings, drive-by shootings and landmine explosions since the installation of a "new government" on 28 April 05. 
AP (AP fail to report both Shiites & Sunni often accuse the Crusaders of planting car bombs and drive-by shootings. patrickcockburn)

       Iraqi police commandos 

Mission Accomplished?

 Who's Who? 

Iraq's police force is recruiting insurgents and former criminals to its ranks, according to a report released by the US defence department...



Mean streets: An ongoing insurgency may stifle coalition progress in the country

              Mission Accomplished. An Idiots Mission, That Is.

King George Of Iraq

& Queen Lizzy's Knights of the Realm

    George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Franklin & Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Regan, all had “blue blood.” George W. Bush has more “blue blood” (from both paternal and maternal lines) than any previous president. He has kinship with every member of Lizzy's family. Elizabeth Saxe-Coburg Gotha is the real name of Queen Lizzy. Her grandfather changed their name to Windsor to hide the fact they are German. The western media never mention the blood ties between Lizzy, Bush and the Bulgarian prime minister, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha.  Simeon is the former King of Bulgaria. After the collapse of communism, and much New Europe skulduggery (allegedly financed by the CIA) he returned as prime minister. Another cousin, Queen Beatrix of Holland, is matriarch of the secretive Bilderberg group. Bilderberg have global tentacles which hide many of her business interests. American and Dutch Public Records however, reveal her stake in Royal Dutch Shell, alone, has made $4 bn for the Dutch Queen. Beatrix was ‘not amused’ when it was reported she owns more American farmland, than ‘any other known foreigner.’
will never unravel the centuries-old-maze of cousin Queen Lizzy’s financial empire. Nominees*  hide the bulk of Lizzy’s global assets.  Her stake in American commerce dates back to the Royal London-Virginia Company. Which began operating slave-ships in the reign of James 2 (1685 –1688)  Analysts calculate Lizzy’s known fortune makes $M7 every 24 hours. (2004)

Tony Blair, Queen Lizzy’s tenth prime minister, has long been criticized for his connections with the Anglo-American oil giant British Petroleum (BP) **  BP are using thugs in military uniforms to supervise slave labour in the Kurdish region of Turkey, Columbia and West Papua. Blair’s support for BP’s increasing pump prices led to the company being dubbed “Blair Petroleum.”  

Two weeks after he entered Downing Street. May 1997, Blair appointed the then chairman of BP, Lord Simon, as a Minister Of Trade. Blair was derided in Parliament when it emerged Simon had illegally retained his shareholdings in BP.
Simon’s business pal Lord Levy, acts as Blair’s unofficial envoy to Israel. After a dinner party held by Gideon Meir, a senior Israeli diplomat, Levy raised $M10 for Blair’s 1997 election campaign.
Recently, as Labour Party funds sank into the red, Levy’s ability to drum-up cash from Israeli donor’s earned him the name “Mr. Cashpoint.”
BP’s current chief executive
Lord Browne, is also “close to Blair.” Lizzy added a peerage to Browne’s knighthood after protester’s against high fuel prices attempted to interrupt oil supplies. Browne “liased” with the army to ensure business as usual.

Anji Hunter was Blair’s secretary from 1986. In Nov. 2001, critic’s condemned her move from Downing Street to BP. Where she became Communications Director. Lib. Dem. MP Norman Baker investigates ties between business and government.  Baker has stated in Parliament. “Government connections with the oil companies stink.”

At the end of the British Mandate in Palestine, 1948, Iraq stopped the oil going down the pipeline to the Israeli port of Haifa. The flow was diverted into Syria. Reinstating the Israeli pipe and ending Syria’s supply is No 1 on the Bush - Cheney agenda. Not only will the Haifa pipe cut Israel’s annual energy bill by 15%. The same pipe could deliver an endless supply to US tankers presently loading Kuwaiti & Saudi oil.

Before the Super Gun came to light and diplomatic relations were ended Henry Kissinger had done many deals with Saddam. The Bechtel conglomerate were about to build a pipe-line feeding Iraqi oil into Aqaba in Jordon, handily, opposite the Israeli port of Eilat.
As of April 16 2003 the Kissinger plan is back on the drawing board. Along with Dick Cheney’s conglomerate Halliburton, Bechtel will also clean-up on multi-billion-contracts to upgrade Iraqi oilfields (note. Bechtel was favoured with the main contract to build Her Majesty's
Jubilee Line).

April 16. 2003. Loyal editorials and Toady Blair were still denying oil was the only motive for taking Iraq. NBC, ABC, BBC, and ITV auto-cue’s no longer read.

 “Frown as you enunciate. Weapons Of Mass Destruction.” 

Newsreader’s are now told.

“Smile as you say. The Iraqi Oilfields Are Secure.”

A steel ring of US tanks guard the Baghdad Oil Ministry. Looters sacking Baghdad museums are apparently of no interest to King George and his cousins. Although some art critics and archaeologists suspect the cousins planned the looting.  also see.  www.occupationwatch.org

 * Bank Of England Nominees - the Queen’s illegal bank. see Royal Fortune. Phillip Hall. Bloomsbury. 1992
  **BP, originally called Anglo-Persian Oil Co, was created to exploit the Iranian oil reserves. Then as now investors like the Queen's grandfather George 5th and their American cousins the equally vile Bush family hid behind nominees – Rothschilds, JP Morgan, Sassoon’s et al. 


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