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 Bucks Sabs\002\  Flings with One's Flunkies

     She's a Knockout  - Princess Edwina.Son?Pat Plunkett. One of Lizzy's hoo-rah horsey plonkers and Princess Edwina's daddy.Daddy?barred from Lizzy's bed in the 1950's the Grumpy Greek now boast's of having 'laid a thousand proper women.'

Only the monarch can propose marriage. Queen Victoria was a headstrong girl of eighteen when she told her German first cousin, Prince Albert, he could marry her. Determined to rule alone she told him he would never see any State Secrets; contained in the Red Boxes the monarch has to sign-off every day. However Albert from all accounts was a faithful husband. While Vicky was busy having nine children to increase the Civil List. Albert got complete control of the Red Boxes. He was also invited to sit in on Cabinet meetings.
Queen Lizzy's Cabinet's have treated Phil the Greek (above right) like a bell-ringing leper. His political skills have become the subject of a series of joke books. Young Phil was often made aware his future mum-in-law and 'the court,' she hand-picked and controlled, looked down on him. When he married Lizzy, 1947, Phil was still arrogant enough to believe he would get to see the contents of the Red Boxes. Only after the wedding did he realise he was employed as nothing more than a sperm donor. It wasn't long before Phil was sleeping with alternative sperm receivers. Starting with the usual 'palace flunketts' nubile, young palace florists, palace chambermaids and equally brain-dead 'starlets.' Then as now; low IQ soap 'celebs' arrive via the back door of Buckingham Palace sans knickers hoping to carry home a royal bastard.   


One, one's Greek & his young fuck

 1952. King George 6th died and Lizzy became Queen. When the Red Boxes arrived Phil was barred from Lizzy's study, unlike her mum who, had, had to explain what was in the boxes to her dim-witted husband, King George 6th. The only secret Phil ever did get to see is the royal family's 'nuclear event-accident' escape plan. 
Cruising the world on the royal yacht Phil learned from servants gossip Lizzy had ordered a duplicate set of Red Boxes to be delivered every day to the Queen Mum. In the event of anything nasty happening to Lizzy, the Queen Mum, not the next-adult-in-line, the inept Princess Margaret, would have become Acting Head of State (Regent) Phil the Greek was never in the running.
Phil's one and only crowning achievement is his boast of having 'laid a thousand women,' including Zsa Zsa Gabor, Jane Russell, Anna Massey, Shirley McLain, Merle Oberon, an American Girl Pipers band and Fergie's mum. Phil has been barred from his wife's bed since 1955 when Lizzy, caught him in the Sandringham stables grinding the arse off their young cousin Princess Alexander
(above right).   


Queen Liz's Story

What one would say if one knew how to be honest

One needed a psychiatrist after one's Greek stated he had no intention of ending his affair with our young cousin, Alexander. One was told he was sick of his duty; following one around the world - in his words "like a performing dog." Of course one could easily change a few silly Church Laws and divorce the ungrateful swine. But one's clever Mum convinced one the ensuing scandal would turn one's subjects against one. "Your Parliament is half full of bloody socialists." Mummy reminded one. "If the truth gets out they will slash the Civil List to the fucking bone and call for a Republic."  So. Advised by Mummy's gang of hand-wringing-parasites fearful, like Mummy, of losing their money-for-nothing-palace-positions, one has to admit one was talked into living a blatant lie. One's childhood acting lessons came in handy to fool the world one was happily married. One very soon realized if one's Greek could screw around with impunity - so could one. Lord Porchester, the head lad of one's racing stables, (below center) was always up for a fuck. Andy Pandy, (below left) in the present parlance, is a 'dead ringer' for his father - Porchy.
One can thank another palace flunky, Patrick Plunket,
(above center) for fathering Edwina (above left) Plunkett was one's deputy head butler.   

Andy Pandy likes to see himself described as "The Playboy Prince" those who know him call him the "The Prince of Groping"Son? Lord Porchy  -  Andy Pandy's Daddy Daddy? A cuckold palace parasite. 
The Grumpy Greek.  

Rumour's that two hard core porno film's were filmed at Windsor have been denied by palace spin doctors. The films, "Rocking The Horsebox" & "Banging The Butler" have mysteriously disappeared off video lists...
also see The Royal Marriages. Smyth Gryphon. Lady Colin Campbell 
& The  Royals. Time Warner Books.  Kitty Kelly.,



 Crown Land

Off-with-her-head King Henry 8th 'acquired' the Frogmore estates to compliment Windsor Castle's Hunting Park...
Mad King George gave Frogmore to his five unmarried daughter's to give them something to do. 'The ugly sisters' took turns to organize fancy dress balls for the royals business pals (now known as the Establishment). In the summertime week-long fetes were held in Frogmore's extensive gardens where the eldest sister, the Princess Royal, kept a set of Chinese pigs as a conversation piece...
Queen Victoria gave Frogmore to her mum (Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) because Prince Albert and mum-in-law hated each-others guts so much they could not live in the same castle! Victoria & Albert are buried in Frogmore's mausoleum... 
Since 1928 every minor royal has been planted in the "royal plot" at Frogmore. Wallis Simpson, King Edward 8th and the present Prince Edward's father, Patrick Plunket, are buried here. Lizzy, who, wept like a child at Plunket's interment, "designed" his elaborate tomb-stone. Plunket can rest assured the taxpayer paid for it.

 Frogmore, above, in the private Home Park of Windsor Castle is a 'grace & favour' home. The monarch sets (& pockets) the rent of over 350 'grace & favour' properties dotted around Great  Britain. Frogmore, in the grounds of Windsor Castle, has become "Queen Liz's junk room." Everyday Lizzy receives gifts from sick people (royalists). Gifts from other Heads of State that can not be safely converted into cash end-up being dumped at Frogmore.


Sussex Sabs Enemy Report/001

1066. Land Theft & All That   

1066.  The Duke of Normandy claimed Britain as his Kingdom and became known as William the Conqueror. The Doomsday Book records how he gave plots of land to his French pals who watched his back and leased-out the rest of Britain to the highest bidders.

Eight centuries later the Crown had divided most of Britain’s 93,257 square miles between the Church and 2,225, super-rich families. 1872 - 73 the Derby Survey was suppressed by Parliament. This was the last government survey showing who owned every acre of Britain. The survey led to criminal landowner’s illegally confiscating and destroying Parish Records which could prove how land had been illegally acquired.

1874, Acre-Ocracy A Survey Of Britain, by John Bateman. Illustrated how the ruling families conspired to keep wages so low, starving workers sold their half-starved children to chimney sweeps and brothel keepers. Bateman's cold facts enraged Queen Victoria’s Establishment. The Derby Survey had started  Victoria and her cronies sub-letting their illegally acquired land and property holdings through a lawyers web of nominees. Bateman's survey, inadvertently,  accelerated the process. Making it impossible to know who really owns Britain.  In 1909 the Liberal MP David Lloyd George called for a truthful Land Registry. We are still waiting.  According to the present excuse for a Land Registry Office one third of England do's not exist!

1939. Over one million acres of Britain were commandeered for battle troop training. Farm owners, home owners, village tenants and tenant farmers received seven days notice of their coming evictions. Crown Notification Order(s) carried the enlightening explanation. 'Emergency Powers Act: All Land And Property Reverts To The Crown.' 
After WW2 old established landowners received ample compensation (tax-payers money).  Ninety-nine-point-nine-percent, of all those evicted, received sweet nothing. 1986. The accident at Chernobyl scattered 70 tons of nuclear waste. Fall-out poisoned 8,000 square miles. Two million had to leave the area. We now have over 900,000 tons of nuclear waste stored at Sellafield - better known as England's nuclear dustbin. Sizewell B (which the Queen ordered in 1989) is now adding to the problem. Should the Suicide Club pay a visit to Her Majesty's nuclear dustbin every square inch of Britain will become unfit for human habitation. Not that that would worry the royals - who have escape planes standing-by. Those subjects who can not afford to leave will be royally discarded to die of fall-out. 
Nothing would please the phony royals more than the opportunity to disappear to some of their private Pacific island where they could really enjoy their ill-gotten billions.  The main beneficiary of Britain’s nuclear industry is the Crown. To be precise; forty-seven members of Queen Lizzy's family, who, through the royal maze of banker \ nominee’s, own the controlling interest of every British nuclear company. As all land reverts to the Crown, in whatever the Crown decides is an emergency, who do you think will profit most if Sellafield's plutonium hits-the-fan and Britain becomes an International Nuclear Waste Dump?


The Happy Fox page 9

Palace Notes

Hurricane's delayed Brigadier Tandy's flights from Nurua and Australia. He arrived at Heathrow four days later than planned suffering serial jet-lag. He went straight to his club, the A & N, and a sleeping draught. The following day he was propped-up in bed feeling sorry for himself while watching BBC 1 pm News. He began to cheer-up when he saw a familiar figure presenting cups at Goodwood races earlier in the year.
The news-reader referred to her as Foxy Lady. Not so many years ago Tandy had removed the same lady from Princess Margaret's staff on the Queen’s personal order. He had to laugh as the report cut to a London hostel. A reporter was  interviewing a group of asylum seeker's lined-up like a rugby team. They gestured with bent arms to indicate they had 'known' the lady. Suppressing a smile the newsreader told viewers.

'The Den website started as a list of locations of illegal foxhunts. It now seems to concentrate on foxhunters private lives. The Hunt Masters Association want the website closed down. Earlier today in Parliament Jacqi Smith, the Home Secretary, told opposition leader David Cameron. Foxhunters should address their complaints to Cuba. As the Den is apparently run from an internet café in Havana. Amid laughter from the Labour benches the Home Secretary added. There are no Cyber Laws in Cuba. As a matter of fact they have no laws against cock-fighting either. Perhaps the honourable gentleman and the other dregs of Thatcherism would be happier squabbling over their policy deficit in downtown Havana.'

Tandy had planned to return to his Norfolk farm. The nationwide debate over the Den website changed his mind. He spent the week in London studying the site with the help of two of his friends who were still on the Household staff. Encouraged by Tandy they decided to give the Den some authentic clout in the form of previously unpublished Royal Library photographs and notes printed on the Queen's personal stationary. 

Palace Notes: Formative Years

During the 1930's Depression when a third of British children suffered growth defects caused by constant  hunger  Little Queen Lizzy had her own child size six-roomed thatched house .

Little Queen Lizzy

During the 1930's Depression when a third of British children suffered growth defects caused by constant  hunger  (Rickets) Little Queen Lizzy had her own made-to-measure child size six-roomed thatched house in the garden's of Royal Lodge, Windsor. The Times reported. 'The Small House is fully furnished with running water electric light, and a wireless.'  Architect John Nash rebuilt Royal Lodge for the gluttonous sexual deviant Priny (King George 4th) It became one of the Queen Mum's many homes. She died there, aged 101, pickled in the finest gin other peoples money can buy. The Queen Mum was born surrounded by knee-bending servants. Her father, the Earl of Strathmore, owned two castles and three hunting estates. Yet for base financial gain she married a royal simpleton, Albert, (George 6) after being kicked-out of bed by his slightly brighter brother David (Edward 8). Her dim-witted husband, George 6, would drink himself to death. To keep the phony monarchy going the Queen Mum had to be artificially inseminated - twice.  see The Royals. Kitty Kelly Time Warner Books pages 287-9.

Palace Notes/  Killing Time With Strangler Liz

Starting with two dozen black & white photo's of the future Head Of State, aged 12, standing proud and pleased as Punch, with her right foot on the neck of the first Scots stag she killed for her "pleasure." Killing Time had over 4,500 photographs of  the Queen shooting  defenceless creatures - for no sane reason.  There is a moronic rivalry inbred in the "royal" family to see who can kill the most unsuspecting creatures in one day. So far, Lizzy has found time to pleasure herself slaughtering over 70,000 of God's defenceless creatures. She has spent at least two months every year of her "adult" life shooting deer, hare, rabbits and birds. Why? You may wonder, when pensioners live in ever increasing poverty, do decent people, who would never dream of doing anything so infantile as killing defenceless animals for "pleasure," have to pay for all of Queen Lizzy's bills - for seven palaces and over seven- hundred servants?  

Too old for anymore boyfriends these days & having nothing better to do Queen Lizzy is often seen strangling half-shot grouse, ducks and pheasants.  On this occasion she is bashing a wounded pheasant to death with a walking stick.
Lizzy's shoots, January 1954 - January 2008, and security for guests to and from same, have cost you, the taxpayer, over £M570. The royal gunrooms are now worth half-a-billion. Since the French Revolution the gunrooms have been kept in constant readiness to put down any revolting peasants.

Palace Notes/  Grumpy Greek Scrounger

Starting with five thousand photographs, of some of the Duke's kills, taken on thousands of shoots. Grumpy Greek Scrounger illustrated how the "royal" day revolves around killing dumb animals. Thus far; the Duke Of Freebies had found the time to slaughter. Over sixty-five-thousand pheasants. Over two thousand stag. Tens of thousands of hares, rabbits, grouse, woodcock and ducks. Hundreds of wild boar, plus the occasional crocodile and tiger. From 1947 the British taxpayer has paid for the Grumpy Greek's travel, gun's, gunrooms, ammunition, stables, armed bodyguards, clothes,  accommodation, servants, food, drink, mistress's and bastard's. Like the rest of the phony royals he receives the finest medical attention available on earth, including a 'shoot doctor' always in attendance in case of accidents - all at the taxpayers expense. The only trolley this old person will die on is the free drinks trolley.

Grumpy Greek Scrounger and Killing Time gave daily scoreboards entitled Today's Kill for the Queen's Arab oil business partners, presently occupying all four of Balmoral's hunting lodges, and the day-to-day cost to the taxpayers who pay the alarming cost of protecting oily billionaires slaughtering Scots deer. 

Killing Time  On Other Peoples Money

As a child. 'Lizzy took the gun like a duck to water.'
Lizzy was shooting animals in Africa, getting a suntan at the taxpayers expense, when King George 6 died peacefully in his sleep - making her Queen. Feb. 6 1952.
(King George 6 had spent the previous day enjoying himself shooting 206 hare! Bred for his 'pleasure' on the Sandringham Sporting Estate). 
Lizzy was ten-years-old when her grandfather George 5
th kicked the royal bucket, 1936, his Civil List below sheds light on Lizzy's early years growing-up on other people's money. 

The Select Committee has set the annual Civil List for the reign beginning 1910 as follows.              

The Privy Purse  £110,000.  £77,000 for King George 5.
£33,000 for Queen Mary.            

     Household expenses.                £193,000

     Household staff salaries.           £125,000

Internal maintenance.                 £20,000

Royal Annuities given to Prince's & Princess's. £165,000.

Special Services.                        £13,200

Unappropriated.                          £8,000

External maintenance.               £100,000

      Royal Yacht(s) expenses.        £84,000.

Annual Money For Nothing. The Queen's grandfather George 5th received £817,000 per year, 1910-36.

George & Mary's London

1910 The new King's London.

The Phoney Royal Family circa 1930

King George 5th, (centre) with Princess Mary, Queen Mary (seated right) and four of Queen Mary’s German born brothers who ferried royal loot home to the Fatherland.  

Royal London 1910

1910.  The new King's London. No different than Dirty Bertie's.

Dockers children survived on discarded fish-heads & tails from London's Billingsgate Market. Most of these children lived in filthy-stinking-rat-infested-slums owned by the Duchy of Cornwall. In 1910 their fathers went on strike for a minimum wage of 6d per hour (£1. 50p per week). The same year King George 5 (Lizzy's grandfather) secretly inherited a century of Slave Trade profits and the present day equivalent of £M38 his grandmother, Queen Victoria, and his father, Dirty Bertie, had stolen from the Civil List and salted away in Swiss Banks.
 In 1952 the present Queen secretly inherited the family's offshore fortune. Which she will secretly pass-on to Charles or Wills or Anne depending on her last whim & testament. Rest assured she won't leave a fucking penny to Children In Need.
From 1698, when the Civil List was invented, the monarch has received over £600,000 per year public money. In inflation terms; that's equal to being given £M8 per year for the last 310 years. Down the centuries, money-for-nothing from the Civil List and profits from the royal maze of clandestine investments have made this German family the world's leading experts in hiding their real wealth.
When George 5 dropped the "royals" German name & titles and created the spurious House of Windsor, 1917, he did not give-up their Swiss gold holdings, Swiss Franc, & Dollar accounts in a score of foreign banks - from Bern to British Honduras - now called Belize.  
In 1936, the family's offshore assets were estimated in excess of one-billion Sterling. Despite their undeclared wealth, "noble" placemen in Parliament were able to increase the Civil List granted to George 6, to £900,000 per year, 1936 - 1952. The present Queen receives £M7.9 per year. On top of that, her security, costs you the taxpayer another £1.9 bn per year. 


Fruits Of Empire  Hiding The Loot

Recently released Public Records show how Queen Victoria devoted her entire reign to looting the Civil List and banking her loot abroad - in case her subjects revolted (seven known attempts were made to assassinate her)  The present Queen has always had two over-bearing incentives to hide her ill-gotten loot offshore. Firstly. Her first billion, secretly inherited and rooted in the Arms and Slave Trade, was already offshore. Secondly. Three  years before she became Queen, as Princess Elizabeth, she was told a nuclear attack will close Britain. Let alone close the Bank Of England.

 Queen Empress Victoria, checking her "percentages" from the business of Empire - Where The Sun Never Set. Civil List Select Committee Papers, now at Kew, prove Victoria stole the present day equivalent of £M34 from the Civil List. Select Committee Papers concerning Victoria's descendants show similar discrepancies in public money received and never accounted for. Or 'disappeared' as we now say. Since 1992 Labour MP's have demanded a closer look at Palace accounts. Consequentially Lizzy has been unable to steal as much as much as she did 1952-1992. Recently it came to light 'the Queen has a Civil List surplus of £M37.' 
A half decent Head Of State would have returned that £M37 to the Treasury for use in State schools and hospitals. Not Lizzy. Lizzy is holding it for "shortfalls."
In short; until she thinks of some novel way to steal it (as she did with the Windsor Fire Fund)
The £M30 Lizzy stole between 1952 - 1992 by illegally avoiding tax,
remains hidden in foreign banks. From Georgian Times members of Parliament have been banned from making any mention of the royals offshore fortune. Despite the fact that most of these billions were systematically looted from the Public Purse!
Cash stolen from the Civil List is extremely small beer compared to Lizzy's inherited fortune from Empire investments and the endless profits from Crown controlled arm's & ammo deals - cosily covered by Her Majesty's Official Secrets Act.

Her Majesty's   Official Secrets Act

Cabinet Ministers are only given a summary of the meetings they attend. They are not trusted with a full report of their own meetings!  Only the Queen gets the minutes verbatim. The public have to wait a minimum of 30 years to know what was said in the Cabinet Room and the Privy Council. If, at that time, the Palace still don't want you to know, State Papers are shelved for another thirty-years, ad infinitum.  Twice in 1959 Cabinet Papers were immediately stamped  NOT TO BE SEEN UNTIL 2059. These two meetings discussed Queen Lizzy's forthcoming happy event. For the first time since the camera was invented the birth of a "royal" was to be played down and shielded from the press. Other plans were put in place to handle the unlikely event of the public learning the child's' father was Lord Porchester. 

Records of Cabinet and Privy Council meetings during  the year-long Miners Strike may never see the light of day - these meeting planned the destruction of our clean-coal research centre and the closure of 177 of Britain's 223 coal mines. The coal industry was comprehensively destroyed in favour of more profitable oil, gas and nuclear power stations. Profitable for the oil, gas and nuclear-vested royal family that is. Through the usual nominee's, the phony Windsor family have held the controlling interest in the British nuclear waste (read bomb) industry since 1952. The royals have been heavily invested in oil since 1885 - when finding oilfields became the new gold rush. Britain's arms sales to Indonesia have a lot more to do with the royals century-old investments in Indonesian oilfields than any here-today-gone-tomorrow Minister of the Crown. "Ethical" considerations have never entered royal thoughts. Let alone royal family investments. Foreign Secretary Robin Cook reduced British arms sales to Lizzy's pals in Jakarta. Cook was removed from the Foreign Office. Not one of our smarmy army of political pundit's predicted Cook's demotion. Robin Cook resigned over the illegal invasion of Iraq. His sudden death is wide open to speculation.

York Sabs\ Arms & The Royals.

 Under a Victorian Order-In-Council, (OIC) 1888, all responsibility for military appointments and military supplies was vested in the Duke's office of Commander-In-Chief.

The Duke Of Cambridge,
statue on Whitehall London.

Prince George William Frederick Charles, Duke of Cambridge (1819 - 1904) The Duke was a dedicated and meticulous military man. Educated in the royals hometown of Hanover he joined the Hanoverian army. His love of all things military would make him the longest serving Commander-In-Chief of the British Army - 1856-95.
Under a Victorian Order-In-Council, (OIC) 1888, all responsibility for military appointments and military supplies was vested in the Duke's office of Commander-In-Chief. Liberal Prime Minister William Gladstone forced the Duke to resign over his crony policy of promoting any chinless wonder from a rich royalist family. Queen Victoria, who hated Gladstone, made certain supply contracts remained within the royal cabal. Gladstone could not stop foreign royal cousins and cronies acting as proxy investors in English, American, German and French arms manufacturers supplying the British Armed Services. Gladstone's lifelong enemy and Victoria's favourite Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, had no intention of stopping Crown controlled corruption. Disraeli, of course, was a Tory. Using Crown prerogatives (Orders In Council) covering energy supplies and nuclear weapons the present Queen is making the kind of money Queen Victoria could only dream of...  

All the above amounts of money for nothing pale into insignificance compared the Commonwealth Mineral Rights Queen Lizzy inherited - worth £24 TRILLION!

Raging Queen 




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