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Japan: Nuclear Suicide

Be Quite While Nuclear Power
Murders Your Family

Kamikaze Land Introduces Hari Kari Laws To stop the Japanese media reporting Fukushima's victims chronic health problems - caused by the ongoing nuclear reactor meltdowns poisoning the Japanese food and water supply. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe introduced a Nuclear Secrets Law. Anyone posting the truth about fatal nuclear waste faces 10 years jail time. 

Japan’s Hari Kari censorship is being gleefully aided and abetted by the ghoulish global media blackout - keeping nuclear accidents out of the public eye. also see  Queen's Media Liars ignore the nuclear truth "in the public interest".


           Nuclear Power: Decomposing God's Creatures

April 2015. Fukishima Results USA.,  Thirteen Baby Gray Whales and 55 Dolphins found dead on west coast — “Rash of dead humpback whales in oregon” — “Corpses of sea lions, birds, sea turtles decomposing” — “Beach Clean-Up Volunteers trained in radiation dangers”. “Fear for whales encountering ‘radiation hot spots'”...

20th June 2015.  Ten giant whales found dead in Pacific off US coast —

Mass die-off of walruses and seabirds reported nearby...

June 16th 2015. Japanese nuclear waste washing-up with nuclear poisoned fish, seals and whales on USA West Coast. NBC: Sea creatures swarming ashore from San Diego to San Fran. — CBS: Millions of dead blanketing miles of coastline, “like a red carpet… 12-16 inches thick… never seen anything like this”... 
“This [Fukishima] is unprecedented in extent and magnitude”. toxic plume from Calif. to Alaska — Fish washing up are “extremely poisonous” — “Serious concern for coastal communities”.

June 10th 2015.  Alarms raised on West Coast over unprecedented die-off of marine mammals — More have washed up in last few months than during all of recorded history combined — "Experts scrambling to deal with latest (man made nuclear waste) crisis in Pacific".

June 7th 2015.  West Coast will soon be hit by 800 Trillion Bq of Fukushima Cesium-137 — Nearly equal to amount of fallout deposited on Japan — Levels in Pacific “higher than expected” — “Main body of surface plume has reached off coast of US” — Never slowed down while crossing ocean, contrary to prediction... 

May 30th 2015. 6,000% cancer rate increase in Fukushima children’s thyroids. Japanese professor: Government has stopped me from checking thyroid exposure levels in Japanese children.

May 7th 2015  US university testing animals in Pacific for Fukushima radiation — Photos show bodies riddled with tumours, eyes bleeding, covered in lesions — Some are missing testicles, eyeballs — Skin disintegrating, peeling off, turning yellow — Mammals affected by diseases never seen in species...  

February 26th, 2015. Four-years-on. Nuclear waste still flowing into Pacific Ocean. Fukushima officials do nothing to stop it. Gundersen: “Fallout far from over. International fury rising”...

February 16th, 2015.  US Navy sailors suffer strange deformities after Fukushima exposure — “Testicles swell to size of tennis balls” after pants got so contaminated they set off radiation alarms — “Her arm swelled up, hand looked like baseball mitt” — “His fingers turned yellow, even brown… feet now dark red”.

January 8th, 2015 The Queen's cartel started work today on her nuclear insult on the Somerset coast. Her Majesties nuclear waste station will cost you (the taxpayer) at least £40 BILLION. After Chernobyl permanently poisoned an area the size of Wales - in April 1986. After Fukushima started poisoning the Pacific Ocean in March 2011. Who? Other than a royally inbred, nuclear vested imbecile, would build another nuclear abortion in 2015?

Below the Queen's proposed Hinckley C. Somerset and Fukushima, still melting down.

January 21st, 2015  Japan: Hari-kari, Kamikaze government imbeciles approve more massive releases of nuclear waste water into the Pacific Ocean. This poison will eventually turn up in your food. Watch the Video: Charlie the Tuna glows in the dark

24th January 2015. Obesity rates double in Japan: Excessive weight gain after nuclear crisis “a marker of radiation brain damage”.

What happens to Fauna & Flora in a nuclear contaminated area also happens to humans.

In March, 2011 the great great grandparents of the bee and butterfly above were perfectly normal and healthy. In April, 1986 the grandparents of the Chernobyl children below were also perfectly normal and healthy. Children who die of nuclear power station poison in the womb - are the lucky ones.


 Fukushima "an insult to the Pacific" .

Your Beach

Olympics? R U Sure



Your Child

Children are a good indication of how bad Nuclear Waste Station leaks really are.
A five-year-old will die in a few years, at most, after absorbing the same amount of invisible of nuclear waste atoms as a thirty-year-old. A thirty-year-old adult immune system will take ten years to kick the nuclear bucket.



Your Food: What you don't see in the tin.

Video: Fukushima's Nuclear Cancers Swimming To America


Get One Out Of Here!
From the start of her reign the Queen has had to plan for the possibility of Great Britain becoming a nuclear wasteland. The British public (you & yours) have never entered these plans. The royal family have escape planes standing by 24\7. If the lid comes-off Sellafield or any other of the Queens' nuclear investments tomorrow - the royals will be enjoying the sunshine on one of their palm fringed private islands the day after. It will be days or even weeks before you and yours learn from the royal-arse-licking media that Britain has become unfit for Human Habitation. The Queen's simple subjects will be left to die like
Alexander Litvenenko, the Russian spy who took twenty-three-days to die of nuclear power station poison. 
Ask yourself why should the "royals" give a flying fuck about you & yours? Those who call themselves royal have no human feelings. Princess Di was of course the exception. What happened in Paris was an accident. The Queen was happily planning to have
Princess Di eaten by the sharks in the Atlantic Ocean after blowing-up a BA 747 halfway to America. Di would have been sat in first class on her way to do a talk show in New York when Her Majesties Diplomatic create in the hold exploded and turned the 747 into bite size lumps. The bomb
the  Queen was planning to destroy Di with was four times larger than the Lockerbie bomb. The Lockerbie bomb was loaded at Heathrow in a Samsonite suitcase.  The last thing the Queen wanted was a funeral for the only royal who ever spoke out against the Queen's obscene landmine business. For the first time in her worthless life the Queen had to bow her head - at Di's funeral. It was not genuine gesture. Nothing the Queen does has anything to do with human decency.

 Also see. Queen hides evidence of Dr. Kelly's murder for 70 Years... 



Queen Elizabeth II is behind the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
With over $17 TRILLION invested in the depleted uranium trade Her Majesty royally delights in her utterly obscene profits from murdering children in the womb and killing millions per year with
Her Majesties favourite product -  nuclear waste.

Click on the red link to see how much of Britain will have to be abandoned if Murphy's Law comes to your local nuclear power station.    uk/Chernobyl-UK.php



The Way Forward:

The Opposite Of Liz's
Fatal Nuclear Waste

The Co-op Tower in the centre of "rainy" Manchester  UK takes power from photo-voltaic panels. The panels, look and act like windows. They have no moving parts. They are silent and emission-free.
The Co-op Tower produces more power than it needs. The excess power is sold the Grid.  
A Cooperative spokesman said.
"This is a landmark development for the whole of Europe. It demonstrates that solar panels are viable almost anywhere."
Bryan Gray, Chairman of the Northwest Regional Development Agency said. "As climate change moves up the political agenda, the North West is leading the way..." The UK's leading solar company Solarcentury completed the £M5.5 project. update
In Berlin, Germany all new buildings have to supply there own power like the towers.
Photovoltaic technology is nothing new. US global positional system (GPS) satellites have relied on these panels since the 1970's. Because they have no moving parts solar power systems can be built to last for centuries. No reasonable person would starve domestic solar power of development of funds and ignore 30 years of evidence proving nuclear power stations are a treasonous waste of our land and the taxpayers money. But the Head of the British State has done just that since 1979. By passing a Law, to "privatize" nuclear power the Queen confirmed how she sees the British taxpayer - stupid.
Clearly there is no reason on earth for supporting aging, or building any new, nuclear power stations - other than the premeditated theft of the taxpayers money. Keeping "privatized" nuclear targets running on money diverted from our public services, show's the Queen's utter contempt for the public - who incidentally pay all the royals bills. Building safe power systems will give Britain the dirt cheap power we need to produce the cheapest and the finest ships, boats, planes, trains, cars, machine-tools, electrical goods and computer systems in the world. But that will never happen if we until we get rid of the phony royals who are hell bent on turning Britain into a nuclear dump.


No Power Stations Needed 

Virtually Free Energy: No Emissions



Like her previous Prime Mouthpieces the Queen's infantile cousin, Doris Cameron, tells people we need more nuclear waste stations.
Doris loves wearing men's clothes. who does she think shes fooling?

The Prime Mouthpiece. A born tosspot

Royal Arsehole Lickers

Mutton Head Hutton. As the Queen's Business and Enterprise Secretary, John Hutton stated. "Nuclear power is safe, clean and good for the environment". The Queen promoted Hutton to Minister of Defence. Putting this proven idiot in charge of Nuclear Targets/Weapons Of Mass Destruction tells you how much the Queen really cares about Britain and the British.



memo. The man made element Plutonium 239 (239) is ten thousand times stronger than cyanide. Visible amounts of 239 have a potential killing cycle of 240 thousand years. Not the oft-quoted 24,000 years. The 24,000-year 'half-life,' often heard in politicians' sound bites, only applies to invisible atoms. An eggcup full of 239 atoms will kill anyone - who's daft enough to go anywhere near it - for the next 240,000 years. Plutonium 239 kills 100 cells per minute. The human body contains billions of spare cells. The spare cells are programmed to mend any damage. When the body is invaded with 239 atoms, that can never stop killing cells, the body starts to die faster than nature intended. If the body conceives in this condition the results are horrific.

Ten million 239 atoms will fit on a grain of sugar. Splitting 239 atoms as we did in 1945 at Nagasaki, do's not destroy all the atoms. The incredible speed of the blast means many atoms stay intact. When these atoms escape from nuclear power stations they are called Nuclear Contamination or Nuclear Fall-Out. People who promote nuclear power stations are called Fucking Lunatics. Nuclear power stations are the most dangerous power stations on Earth and a total waste of public money.
By 1976 Windscale-Sellafield had already stockpiled enough nuclear weapon material to furnish the Armed Services with more warheads than we could ever use. Without choking to death on our own Fall-Out. In the 1976 Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution the distinguished nuclear physicist Sir Brian Flowers stated.
"It would be irresponsible and morally wrong to commit future generations to the consequences of fission power."
Sir Brian was well aware that between 1957 and 1976; British reactors had produced enough nuclear weapons material to suit our Defence Requirements for the next 200 years. By which time nuclear weapons will be obsolete.
The Royal Commission was royally ignored. The Queen's cartel had no intention of giving-up their obscene profits from their nuclear firms operating under Her Majesty's
Official Secret Act. Funded by the stroke of the royal pen with an endless supply of the taxpayers billions. After Chernobyl leaked some of its poison in 1986 only a greed-stricken inbred lunatic would build another Target Of Mass Destruction at Sizewell and call it a power station. The Defence of the Realm is best served by decreasing our nuclear risks. Soft targets like Sizewell. Sellafield. Torness. Hartlepool. Heysham. Hinkley Point. Hunterston and Dungeness are Against the Interest of the State. Anyone who say's otherwise should be shot on sight.

The photographs below records what Her Majesty The Queen and her business partners are knowingly doing to infants in the womb by deliberately poisoning Bosnian, Afghani, Iraqi, Libyan and Syrian water supplies with the same, man-made, DNA-destroying-uranium-isotopes that escaped from Chernobyl in 1986 and are now, 2015, leaking into the Pacific at the rate of 300 tons every 24 hours - from Fukushima.



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